Is It Possible to Grow Taller Even After Puberty

After PubertyIt is commonly believed that human beings cannot grow taller after puberty, which means, generally, after the age of 16 for girls and 19 for boys. Although puberty is a time of significant growth, it is possible to grow in height even after your pubescent years. It is obvious to see that height growth is possible after puberty when you look at astronauts who grow anywhere from one to four inches in height after being in a zero-gravity environment. Of course, not all of us have the opportunity to travel to outer space, but there are several things you can do here on Earth to become taller after puberty.

There are several simple methods on how to grow taller at home without having major surgery or spending a fortune on growth hormones. These are not such useful ways to grow taller. For example, the process of the surgery is quite painful because the doctors actually break the bones in your legs and then pull them longer so the bones will be forced to add more bone tissue between the fractures in order to heal. Growth hormones are also not so useful because these supplements only work on those still going through puberty and will not be helpful to your quest for height after the growth plates in your bones have fused. However, some easy methods that have been shown to improve your height include exercises, dietary supplements, and visualization.

Although your bones will not naturally length after your growth plates have fused, there are exercises to help straighten and lengthen your spinal column as well as exercises to help strengthen and build cartilage in other joints which, in turn, promote height. Yoga is one exercise that promotes stretching and lengthening of all your limbs, but especially helps to elongate your spinal column. This can add significantly to your height. Pilates is another exercise program that lengthens and strengthens your back which also straightens your back while increasing muscle strength to support your spine. Yoga and Pilates are popular exercise programs for both men and women and can be taken in either a classroom setting or done in the comfort of your own home.

There are several other exercises that can promote height gains by stretching and strengthening the cartilage and muscles in other parts of your body. The use of ankle weights can strengthen the muscles and build cartilage in your knees which can contribute to gains in height. Jerk kicks are a high impact exercises that is often used by kick boxers and those who practice martial arts. A jerk kick is when you forcefully and quickly kick out your lower leg towards nothing or towards an object like a punching bag. The same as ankle weights, jerk kicks build up cartilage in the knees and strengthen the leg muscles which promotes height. Jumping is also a simple exercise that strengthens the muscles in your legs and cartilage in your knees and can be practiced at any time during the day. Another exercise that improves your height and your appearance is hanging from a fixed and stable bar for a few minutes at a time. Hanging stretches your spinal column and builds the cartilage between your vertebrates which increases your height. A final easy exercise that can be done throughout your day is simply making a conscious effort to keep good posture. But standing and sitting straight, you can easily improve your height by one or two inches.

Dietary supplements that can aid you in your quest for more inches include calcium, protein, Vitamin C, E, and D. Calcium is critical for strong bones; although your body”™s maximum capacity to absorb this mineral passed when you were still in puberty, this is still very important to maintain healthy bones. When attempting to strengthen the muscles in your back and legs to support your spinal column and improve your posture, protein is necessary to build it up. Proteins, or amino acids, are widely known as the “building blocks” of your body and are critical for muscle gain. Vitamin C, E, and D are useful for cartilage gains in your spine and knees. As you use the exercises to stretch your spine and knees, these vitamins will work to increase the cartilage in these areas which will lead to gains in height.

Visualization is also a technique that has been suggested to increase height after puberty. It has been proposed by Neville Goddard and suggests that you do this in the moment just before you sleep. According to this method, in the moment between resting and sleeping, you must clearly define what you want your height to be, visualize how your life would be and how things would look if you were this height, and visualize a scene in which your goal was realized. It is suggested that you try this method at every possible opportunity and that, if done properly, your body will naturally grow in height because your mind is focusing on this goal.

You can still grow a few inches in height despite how tall your parents were or when you went through puberty. By uses a few simple methods you can add a few inches to your height even after your growth plates have fused. Exercises that stretch your spine and knees and strengthen your muscles can promote height. Dietary supplements that improve bone, muscle, and cartilage growth will help when used in combination with the exercises. Visualization of your goal may also help meet your desired height. These three methods are important to consider when wondering how to grow taller, even after those pubescent years.

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